To make or break your garment

Standard fuse:  Cover with damp press cloth.  Press for 10 seconds on wool setting.  Turn fabric over and repeat for 10 seconds.  Each interfacing is different.  Follow instructions supplied with each interfacing purchased.

Weft insertion interfacings are fusible knits with yarn inserted horizontally to provide cross grain stability.  Stretch and recovery are lengthwise.  

Fusi Knit                               $3.45yd                 

100% nylon. 

Fusible tricot knit interfaces and underlines knits and wovens. Medium to lightweight, with crosswise stretch for soft shaping and tailoring and repeat.   20" Black or white.

temperature.  48” wide

Whisper Weft                        $3.90 yd                           

60% polyester, 40% rayon.

Lightweight weft insertion interfacing with stable cross grain for lightweight and medium fabrics.  Standard fuse.  Ivory. 24”

Sof-knit                                $5.50 yard

100% nylon

An all bias knit that fuses at low temperature for soft shaping.  30"  Black

Armo Weft                     $6.35 yard

60% polyester 40% rayon

Medium weight fusible for soft tailoring.  48" Grey




Straight Grain Fusible Stay Tape          $10.00

Use to ease and shape the front of garment, especially V-necklines. Great for shoulder stays.  3/8” wide.  Black or white.


Bias Grain Fusible Stay Tape                 $10.50

Use to stabilize jewel necklines and knits.  Sew to crotch curves for added strength or side seam pockets.  Black or white. 




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